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Pre-purchase Settlement Consultations

The purchase of your home or real estate asset will most likely be the most valuable and exciting investment you’ll make in your life.

Aside from the excitement of purchase, you should have an understanding of the contract you will be entering into, and the importance of that contract being prepared with your interests and requirements in mind.

Be aware, a Real Estate Agent is paid by the Seller to sell their property, and it is their duty to always act in the Seller’s best interests.

A Pre-purchase Consultation Will Provide You With:

  • A full understanding of the procedures involved in negotiating a well written contract;
  • Awareness of any special conditions required for your protection.  For instance, if you are purchasing an older style home it would be pertinent to make your Offer subject to a building inspection report to ensure there are no major structural faults.  This alone could save you much future heartache and expense;
  • Correct wording for any special conditions you require will be provided to you in the form of Annexures to attach to the contract. You can provide these to the Real Estate Agent when you complete your Offer;
  • Advice on any matters you should be aware of for the type of property you are purchasing (ie. new home, older style home, strata titled property, vacant land, etc.); and
  • When it comes time to prepare and execute your contract, we are available to provide you with any additional advice you may require.


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