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Advantage Settlements is my company name

And doing settlements is my game

When choosing a settlement agent right for you

Choose a settlement agent that actually has a clue


The settlement agency you choose is completely your choice

But always make sure you choose a settlement agent with a voice

You see, it doesn’t always come down to the fee you pay

By choosing the cheap agent, it could end in doomsday


If you have an issue with final inspection you see

You need a settlement agency that will speak up with glee

You may think no way, it won’t happen to me

It’s better to be safe then crying with pity


For the agencies that charge such little fees

They have at least 70 times the number of clients to please

So if you had a settlement issue that requires addressing

Choosing the wrong settlement agency could end up depressing


So choose a settlement agency that you can reach all day

That is willing to assist you all the way

A settlement agency that you can call day or night

So the Mrs and you don’t end up in a fight


Which settlement agency I hear you say

Advantage Settlements of course, call them night or day

Ask for Reagan, the Principal, and the one in charge

Call her on Sunday, don’t worry she won’t add on a surcharge


So as I finish off today with this Rhyme

I would love to do business with you, today will be fine

Please take down my details so you know the number to call

Reagan at Advantage Settlements, I will take care of it all.

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