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Advantage SettlementsAdvice CHEAPEST IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST


When I was 18 years old and out shopping for my first car with my Dad, my wise old man turned to me and said

“ Reagan, you cannot pay the price of a Corolla and expect to drive out of the car yard in a Mercedes”.

This statement that my Dad made has stuck with me all of these years since that day and I liken it to my business now.

When looking for a Settlement Agent to attend to the Settlement of your Sale or your Purchase, it is important to remember that cheapest is not always the best. You see when running a business, it doesn’t matter what fee you charge, you still need to make enough money to cover the overheads of running a business. So this means, if you choose to use a Settlement Agent that is offering a bargain price for their services, you need to remember that, chances are they are having to service 70% – 90% more customers to make the same income.

Why does this matter to you? It matters to you as you may fall into the trap of just being a number within this agency, it matters to you as the conveyancer may be so busy that they do not have the time to make the necessary follow up in relation to your settlement. It matters to you as this may be the BIGGEST INVESTMENT of your life time so you want to ensure that your best interests are always looked after and that the necessary follow ups are completed to ensure you meet the settlement date deadline.

You see, if settlement is delayed for any reason past the 3 business day grace period, the other party to the contract may (*dependant on situation) be entitled to seek compensation pursuant to the contract for the delay in settlement. So what seemed like a good idea at the time using the services of a settlement agent offering special low price, could actually end up costing you more in the long run. The question to you is …………………… “Is it worth the risk?”

To show our clients how much faith we have in our staff and our office policies and procedures, we offer all our clients 100% money back guarantee on the service we provide. This means, if you are unhappy with the service we provide to you for any valid reason, we will refund your settlement fee, no questions asked. We are proud to say, since we opened our doors in 1998, we have only given our fee back 3 times. Once, was because a client asked for their fee to be refunded and the other 2 times, we actually offered our fee back to the client. Considering we have settled up to around 20,000 settlements on behalf of clients, this is a pretty good record.

So when choosing the settlement agency right for you, don’t go for the lowest fee, look at the bigger picture and use an agent that will look after your best interests and treat you like you are their only client. Look for the agency that understands that this is likely to be your biggest investment of your lifetime and will treat your settlement as such.

Nominate Advantage Settlements, we will ensure that your best interests are always looked after and we promise that all the necessary follow up is done throughout the settlement process to ensure you are ready to settle on time. Remember cheapest is not always the best.

Advantage Settlements, giving you the Settlement Advantage

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